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Project Description
The purpose of this code is to transform the Netscape Bookmark Format file exported from into a folder hierarchy of Internet Explorer Favorite files (.url). Tags from Delicious are converted to Folders in Windows.

This is a command line program. Currently, the input file and output folder are hard-coded. The code must be updated to use the desired inputs and output. The program expects a Netscape Bookmark Format file as exported by The code does not contain validity checks to robustly handle unexpected input. The program will write a set of subfolders to an output folder.

Input fields
This data is fully preserved.

Add Date
The .url file's Creation Time will be set to the value of the Add Date from Delicious.

This data is thrown out.

There will be one folder per tag occuring in the input file. A bookmark having multiple tags in the input file will be transformed into multiple .url files, one in each folder having names corresponding to associated tags.

The program will warn when bookmark names are modified. Warnings will be output to stdout.

This field should be preserved but testing to ensure this works robustly was not performed.

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